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At SORBUS, we like to view things from a different perspective. Our focus is on developing two particular insights; about you and your family and what your wealth means to you, and about investing – knowing what information matters and having the experience and judgement to act capably.

Our comprehensive Wealth Management Partnership operates around fresh-thinking and innovative ways of working, reflected in genuine and measurable benefits to our clients.

We are not affiliated to any financial institution and always put our clients’ long-term interests first.

This entails developing, over time, an in-depth and holistic understanding of each clients’ financial & non-financial goals. These can be complex with decentralised and dynamic decision making processes, therefore we ensure that this process is personal, meticulous and never rushed.

We respect the individuality of our clients and their exclusive objectives. Therefore we develop and implement specifically tailored solutions, to include detailed targets (financial and non-financial) with costs that are transparent, fixed and fair.

Our highly-skilled team of industry leaders always communicate in a clear and unambiguous manner. They will provide honest and unerring guidance on the right strategy to maximise portfolio returns, whatever the market conditions.

At SORBUS, we care passionately about our clients. Not just the size of their portfolios.