Market commentary: 1st January to 31st March 2023

At the end of 2023 we said that the direction of stock markets depends on two questions:
1) Whither the Magnificent Seven?
2) Have markets fully absorbed that the period of declining and/or ultra low interest rates are behind us?

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SORBUS VECTOR: Manager commentary February 2024

January was an unusually active month for trading within the VECTOR portfolio. Markets are better pricing the risks posed by inflation and interest rates and opportunities in the small and mid cap space are emerging. We are more confident of our ability to outperform than we have been for over a year.

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SORBUS VECTOR: Manager commentary May 2023

April 20th 2023, marked the 7th Anniversary since the launch of the SORBUS VECTOR fund.

To the end of April 2023, the fund has returned 108.1% (an annualised return of 11.0%) with a volatility of 11.8%.

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SORBUS VECTOR: Manager commentary December 2022

November proved to be a good month for the VECTOR fund with a gain of +8.4%.

Our longer term performance also remains very strong. According to Trustnet figures, as at 30th November our fund ranked first in performance out of 234 funds (in the IA UK All Companies sector) over 5 years and second out of 244 over 3 years.

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