SORBUS spotlight: Third time lucky?

Speaking to a crowd of Western ambassadors at the Polish embassy in Moscow in 1956, the Soviet premier, Nikita Khrushchev, famously declared “we will bury you”. While some paranoid observers took this as a veiled threat to start a Third World War, what Khrushchev was actually talking about was economic output.

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SORBUS spotlight: Europe

The headlines about the Eurozone’s economic performance often mislead as much as they inform. All too often the fortunes of Germany are misrepresented as conveying the whole story. Often, such as now, this is simply not the case.

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SORBUS spotlight: The Advanced Economy Divergence

At the turn of the year, the Western economies were braced for a nasty recession. But as the halfway point of 2023 ranges into view, forecasts have become a touch more optimistic. Whilst no one would call the economic outlook positive, it is at least not as negative as once feared.

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