VECTOR one year performance

21ST APRIL 2016 – 21ST APRIL 2017

We have completed a successful first year with the fund gaining 23.1%, comfortably ahead of the benchmark.

Over the course of the last year we have maintained a large cash cushion (over 20% at times) in order to provide us with resources to take advantage of any market setbacks. It seems probable that we will endure one at some point in the coming years so will likely maintain this caution.

This strong growth has been the result of picking the right strategy and selecting good investments. As a brief background to how we invest VECTOR: there is an overwhelmingly clear accumulation of academic research that shows that one of the only ways to beat the market over time is by concentrating on investing in small value companies. SORBUS has developed a combination of encyclopaedic knowledge of this neglected part of the stock market and the investment experience and discipline to execute this strategy.