Dear  All  Please find the previews & download links to your latest photo shoot:Ref:Sorbus Partners Portraits        Date:16.4.14 *Please note you cannot forward this link to a third party in order for them to access these files (their email addresses need to on the system).If you need third partys to access files, please let me have there email addresses*. *Please note image files supplied to third partys  are only supplied on the understandingthat they solely used in relation to the original booking. If anthorised by you the client , third partys  will be charged a reproduction fee to use in all printed & online media.Image files  will available online for 14 days from today date for you to download.Yours sincerely,Ian Tennant AIOV,LRPS,LBIPP Photographer & Videographer Ian Tennant Photo VideoTel: 07973 30 40 23 Fax: 01384 70089Email: Web: http:

Tom left his role as a Director with UBS Investment Bank to form SORBUS PARTNERS in 2012. Tom has previously been CEO of the diversified conglomerate Williams Industries Inc and the Global Director of Parts and Service at JCB.

He has an MBA (merit) from London Business School.