“If you give an opinion, and someone follows it, you are morally obligated to be, yourself, exposed to its consequences”. Nassim Taleb

SORBUS PARTNERS is a Partnership, we have no external shareholders, no debt and it is the Partners personal capital at stake. We are transparent about our intentions: SORBUS will be the final place the Partners ever work; the business will never be sold.

This is unusual (intentionally) and provides us with attributes that others cannot match.

We do things for existential reasons first and foremost. Our decision making is never fully financial or commercial, it is more driven by our identity; how we define ourselves as people and as a Partnership. We are nimble on our feet but long term thinkers and doers.

We know that there is as much art as science in what we do. We do not seek to industrialise either what we do with our clients or as a Partnership. We are artisans and we embrace the liberties of being a boutique.

SORBUS is the Partners and staff being the very best we can be. It is the expression of our skills, energy and experience. Our ambitions are satisfied when we deliver work of the absolute highest quality. Our pursuit is excellence. There are also many things that we will not do, principal amongst these is sacrificing our integrity for financial reward.

Laws come and go, ethics stay.